Dewi de Vree (1983) is a soundartist based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Her projects consist of sound performances, interfaces and installations based on sensual experience of physical experiments. She studied at the Audiovisual department at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and at the interfaculty ArtScience at the Kabk in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Her background in visual arts has influenced her approach to sound. For her research on the relation between image and sound, she developed different graphical scores, performances and installations. Her interest in the interaction between the human and the machine led to different translating-machines and sound interfaces.

Her latest projects include 'Elektrolab', a series of sound installations and performances based on electrochemistry, 'Thermokoppel', a soundperformance which deals with the relation between temperature and the acoustic properties of metal (both collaborative projects with Rachida Ziani) and 'Ground', an audiovisual performance in which graphite drawings are used as a control interface for several electronic instruments (developed with Jeroen Uyttendaele). Currently she is developing 'Arago's Wheel', a collaboration with Sébastien Lémonon, an experimental electronic soundperformance based on electromagnetism, dismembered phonographs and self made vinyl.

Next to these projects, she is chairman of 'Stichting Centrum', a collective of artists and musicians based in Villa K in The Hague, and a member of the Instrument Inventors Initiative 'iii'. Together with Arno Verweij she runs 'Proefjeslab', an interactive science show for children.

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