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coming January 24th we are kicking off the new year with a lovely DinnerKafé prepared for you by Ege Atalay and a great varied program with sets by Volkan Turgut & Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Bardo Frings and Gökay Atabek & Berk Özdemir.

You are all welcome to join, see you then!

Villa K, Violenweg 2 Den Haag
Wednesday January 24
Food served at 19.30
-Be on time if you want te be sure to have your belly filled-
Concerts start 20:30hrs
>>>Suggested donation 3-5EUR for performers OR come and volunteer! (send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Message from the cook:
*my beloved friend Rapfael is making a bomb soup
Sümeyye's leftovers:
-kısır in lettuce
-3 yogurt mezes; chilli, aubergine, carrot
-veggy mix with potato salade
-impro cake"
(all vegetarian)




FNEWMEDIA (i don’t give a damn)
fnewmedia is a blatant take to codify new media, out of time, to its 2.0, integrating the phenomenal into experience
Volkan Turgut - Caprihorn
Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti - Performance


Bardo Frings (1984) is a random media artist from The Hague, The Netherlands. Within the field of audiovisual art, he mostly develops his own software for his artistic output, researching the possibilities and limitations of modern technology for creative expression. His works verge beyond the confines of the technological explorations on which they are based however, encompassing poetic musings on different subject matters – such as the aesthetics of noise, the ambiguity of ethics, and research into topics such as bio-electromagnetism and the complicated behavior of light and color.
InnercityScapes is a live cinema piece created and performed by Bardo Frings. It explores the friction arising between modern day inner city life and the subconscious experience of our surroundings. The walls between the computational structures that increasingly define our architectural environment, and the suppressed archetypical experience of reality that linger deep within the psyche, are diminished, to reveal looming threats to the individual self and the collective consciousness. These threatening forces perfectly hide behind the algorithmic dissection of our reality, yet increasingly transform our natural surroundings.


Gökay Atabek & Berk Özdemir


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