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Villa Flip 9 // Margriet Kicks-Ass / Duke.S / Emiter
Wednesday, 13. June 2018, 19:00 - 23:30
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Hi all,

you are all welcome to our upcoming Villa Flip performance evening no.9 with this time Margriet Kicks-Ass, Duke S. and Emiter. Hope to see you all then!

Where: Villa K, Violenweg 2, 2597KL Den Haag
When: June 13 2018
Cost: Food 3,50 + don't forget to bring some donation for the musicians


//////// Margriet Kicks-Ass works as an interdisciplinary artist. Her artistic process can be described as investigative. In a Dadaistic manner she combines art with technology. Already as a child Margriet asked herself: ‘Why are the dishes not arranged alphabetically?’ Margriet refuses to be intimidated by calls for efficiency and functionality. She is juggling the context and meaning of everyday objects with an analytical attitude which also reflects her fascination for natural phenomena and technology. This is the starting point for the development/invention of playful kinetic sound sculptures, which she later exhibits as autonomous works of art or in theatrical live performances.

//////// Duke S. sound is a quirky mix of synthetic exotica, Sun Ra-esque electro jazz and ambient, laced with “faux field recordings”. The feeling is both futuristic and outdated, evoking ancient Egypt as well as adventures in outer space. At times the sound has something of Finnish composer Pekka Airaksinen. Live shows are accompanied by 8-bit visuals and of course cactuses. (Worm.org) Performed in the Benelux and Lithuania, using various vintage instruments including percussion pads and a theremin.

/////// EMITER
Musician, improviser. Emiter moves within electronics, and improvised music. He experiments with sound, transforming sound present in our life. He uses and combines different qualities – lo-fi/hi-fi or sounds commonly seen as interference. He creates sound installations, radio plays, soundtracks for films, performances and public spaces. He plays for dumb films. He conducts audio trainings and promotes field recording. He works with visual artists and dancers, such as: Anna Baumgart, Joanna Rajkowska, Anna Witkowska, Ludomir Franczak, Risa Takita, Jacek Krawczyk, poet Marcin Swietlicki and writer Daniel Odija, with whom he creates literary-musical form North Lines and "Listen with your ear" project – a cycle of live radio plays. He plays in such projects as: niski szum, emiter_franczak audio video performance, voice electronic duo.
He has been creating music since ewa braun band was formed in 1990. Before that, from the middle of 1980s, he had formed first bands. He cooperated with such bands as: MORDY, gamadisco, Chlupot mózgu, Ludzie and worked on emiter.arszyn project. Together with Paul Wirkus he formed
a Gdansk-Cologne duet MAPA, whose “Fudo” album was well received in Europe. He is one of the few Polish musicians, whose creative activity was described by British magazine “The Wire” – one of the most influential in Europe. Emiter’s recordings were published in a compilation for “The Wire”. He is connected with Polish electronic, experimental and improvised music scene.

Location Villa K, Violenweg 2 Den Haag

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