About Stichting Centrum... Dinner cafe, Concerts and Art Expo's

Stichting Centrum is a Cultural Freezone, which started in 2009 in Horeca Centrum in The Hague. Now it is based in Villa K, the former embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Scheveningen, Den Haag. Since October 2010 this embassy is used as living space, ateliers, music studio's, exhibition space, performance venue and dinnercafé.

With a background in a wide range of disciplines the artists organise exhibitions and events in which they show their work and invite also other artists to present their projects. Events can vary from improvised acoustic music concerts to exhibitions in which electronic sound-installations and videoart is combined with paintings and photography.

Next to the artistic program, Villa K organises bi-monthly dinners. Everybody is invited to have a three-course meal.

Visit also the Facebook page "Stichtingcentrum" to keep updated by our events!

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