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a night with Butoh and percussion in Villa K

Ø is:
-Michiyasu Furutani (jap): Butoh, percussions
-Yoshihiro Shimomura (jap): Butoh, percussions
-Mangrove Kipling (fr): Modified guitar, percussions

Our work focuses on a poetic and introspective approach to War, its images and torments, and the impact it has on individuals. War is a socially and humanly denaturing process which affects socio-structural interactions, degrading them to an extend when humans lose all sense of rational and civilized behavior, sometimes up to language deterioration due to state of shock, and therefore the loss of proper communication abilities.
The audience is invited to an internal contemplation and reflexion, as they watch the three performers unfold a both composed and improvised encounter of Noise and Butoh on stage, supported by images projection.




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